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Peter: Fridge Repair Company


Peter came to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape and established a fridge repair company in 1996. He understands the importance of being financially independent and is the only one providing fridge repair services in the community. This allows him to play an important role in the community’s access and storage of fresh food. Many of his customers are very satisfied with his work and there is a demand for his skills, however, he regularly encounters many challenges.

Recommendations & Results

Administrative procedures

With the students’ help, Peter implemented a tracking order system which enables him to improve his stock management problems.


Peter is now keeping track of his accounting in a book; this allows him to track sales, repairs and manage his access to additional funds.


Peter was successful in getting a loan to invest in additional equipment.

Sales growth

According to Peter, his business has grown considerably and he would like to move into a managerial position and spend more time looking for broken fridges to buy, repair and resell.

Going Further...

Peter is still busy repairing fridges and is working to secure his business against theft. He would like to open additional branches and hire and train another employee.

Peter, like Molly, and other township entrepreneurs are struggling with space issues and are aiming to find larger and more secure spaces. There are hundreds of empty Vodacom containers scattered throughout the South African townships. In 1996, Vodacom opened thousands of franchised containers which aimed to provide people living in the townships with telephone services. Nowadays, with the market saturation of cell phones, these containers are obsolete and many of them have been abandoned. Entrepreneurs managing such containers have to follow rules set by the franchise contract, therefore, a business reconversion is often impossible. This leads us to the question, could Vodacom provide entrepreneurs with those empty and unused containers?

Fast Facts

> 2 employees

> Main income stream: fridge repair and the resale of second hand fridges


> Lack of space to store fridges

> Security problems: Thieves break in to steal fridges and their parts

> Needs finances to buy additional equipment