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Molly: Driving and Computer School

Recommendations & Results

Formalize Accounting Practices

Prior to the students arrival, Molly was irregular and inconsistent in her record keeping. With their guidance on how to format accounting statements, she now records everything. This enables her to calculate her cash flows each month. Improved records have also enabled Molly to apply for loans.

Change Pricing Model

Molly split up her computer lesson and service packages, allowing her to charge customers for only what they need.


Molly has become an accredited computer teacher, which allows her to now issue certificates to her students. This increases the value of her service, as many people take computer classes to improve their marketability when applying for a job or further education.


Molly does not have a car, so to increase her profit from providing driving lessons she now partners with other driving schools that own vehicles. Now instead of renting cars, she earns a percentage from each lesson.


Molly has since purchased a printer for her computer school and plans to buy two new computers once the business has saved enough money. Once the computer school business has stabilized, she plans to apply for a loan to purchase a car.

Going Further...

Molly’s businesses have seen notable progress from the recommendations given by the students. Her cash flows have increased, as well as her marketability and security. Her vision for the business is to open up an additional computer school in Philippe so that she can increase her client base.

Molly, like Peter, and other township entrepreneurs are struggling with space issues and are currently aiming to find larger and more secure spaces. There are hundreds of empty Vodacom containers scattered throughout the South African townships. In 1996, Vodacom opened thousands of franchised containers which were aimed at providing people living in the townships with telephone services. Nowadays with the market saturation of cell phones, those containers are obsolete and many of them have been abandoned. Entrepreneurs managing such containers have to follow rules set by the franchise contract, therefore, a business reconversion is often impossible. This leads us to the question, could Vodacom provide entrepreneurs with those empty and unused containers?

Fast Facts

> 1 employee

> Main income stream: computer proficiency lessons as well as driving lessons


> Computers are out of date

> She does not own a vehicle for her driving lessons

> Needs more adequate space to house her computer school