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Fezekile: Music Production


Fezekile is an accomplished musician. He writes lyrics, composes music, plays the trumpet and specializes in what he calls “African jazz music”. Originally Fezekile wanted to just produce his own work but has now recently started producing young artists from the townships. He also organizes gigs in the townships on Sundays to promote artists and plans to open a music academy. He says,“There are no musicians amongst the black community, so let’s teach!” Fezekile strongly believes his role within the community is to bring quality music through teaching music and producing musicians.

Recommendations & Results


Fezekile has since produced his own album and per the IC students recommendations, is about to produce a young local hip hop band from Philippi township.

Setting up a musical hall in Guguletu

Fezekile is now organizing weekly performances in the township of Guguletu. An audience of about 70 people are charged 20R for the performance. He also provides his audience with a small bar in order to generate additional income. The music hall has been increasing Fezekile’s exposure in the community.

Targeting Tour Groups

Fezekile has approached several township tour operators and currently hosts 1-2 tourist groups a week for dinner and a musical performance. According to him, these tours generate a significant part of revenue and sales of his CD.

Going further...

Fezekile’s vision and strategy has evolved during the last few months. His latest project is to open a music school academy in the township. Whether it be music, computer or driving lessons such as Molly’s driving and computer school, people in low-income communities have a thirst for skills and knowledge.

Is there a way for music companies to partner with Fezekile and produce music that is unique to Africa and its township communities?

Fast Facts

>Main income stream: personal performances and music for tourists visiting the townships

> No employees

> Large understanding of the township’s music scene


> Finance and sponsorship

> Marketing and sales promotion

> Finish restoration of the recording studio