Reciprocity is a South African-based consultancy, aiming to optimize the contribution of the private sector to social and economic development. Our core activity is to offer strategic consulting services for corporations aiming to understand low-income segments, develop links and expand their presence in these markets, often referred to as the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP).

Since its establishment in 2007, Reciprocity has acquired significant field experience, running pilot projects, conducting qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as offering direct immersion in low-income communities for a number of multinational companies and international institutions.

Corporates around the world are increasingly realizing that they cannot afford to overlook the potential of low-income markets. But they often do not know how to go about: “How big is the market at the BoP? What kind of products and services would best be suited? What are the best channels to reach the BoP? Who to partner with? How does one overcome the obstacles to trading with the poor, such as the lack of infrastructure and lack of skills?” Such are typical questions that companies are grappling with when developing strategies to reach the BoP, and Reciprocity’s aim is to help companies design, test, and build such strategies.


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