“I’m amazed that even though these people are surrounded by so much adversity, entrepreneurship still thrives here, though this may be largely due to the fact that jobs and opportunity are so hard to come by in South Africa.  They create opportunity for themselves.”

  1. -Brandon Ray, Cornell University

“I realized that this business has a much different demographic from any business I have ever worked with or even experienced as a person.  This venture was going to require much more from us in a sense that we were really going to have to understand this new demographic and the BoP if we were going to help Cuthbert in any significant way.”

  1. -Jason Travis, University of Toronto: Rotman

The program is fantastic and I’m sure each student’s experince is very different.  I’ve learned the value and size of the informal market.  It’s also been interesting to see how the informal market operates – as means to survive.  This experience is one that I won’t forget and very much appreciate.”

- Ryan Mahoney, University of North Carolina

“My MBA has taught me to think in a very structured way and it was encouraging, inspiring, and mind boggling to see how Molly manages a successful business effortlessly without these mechanisms.  It was inspiring and encouraging as I see we can definitely help her with some of these smaller items that will hopefully lay the foundation for bigger things to come.”

  1. -Mike Randolph

“This project has been extremely interesting and one of my favourite MBA experiences...We have not had to use any fancy MBA learnings but we have had to draw a lot on our common sense and focus on the essence of MBA and business teachings ie. how to make money with the bare minimum.”

- Charlotte Eccles, London Business School

“The Inclusive Consulting course helped me to discover many challenges and opportunities that are faced by entrepreneurs in townships. These discoveries have resulted in a greater appreciation and empathy for the entrepreneurs of such businesses. Mostly, this experience has helped me to understand how I can help them to sustain and grow their businesses by using a structured approach. I would recommend this course to anyone”

   - P.Dhlamini

“This class has also been a chance for me to experience another aspect of South Africa that I couldn’t barely discover as an exchange student. This course enabled us to discover Khayelitsha not only as an observer but more as an actor, which is the better way to understand this environment.”

   - Louis Bidou, Grenoble Ecole de Management


“In engaging in Emerging Enterprise Consulting, I was given chance to have a hands-on business practice with the entrepreneurial activity at the bottom of the pyramid which enhance my view that there is opportunity everywhere and I should not underestimate it.”

  1. -Rattiya Tangnaikuntham, Norwegian School of Economics

“I had the opportunity through this course to meet a very interesting person and to learn a lot about the life in the South African townships. This was my only course that truly brought me beyond the classroom and into the reality. Being involved with an entrepreneur of the township allows us to understand and experience the life of Khayelitsha…“thank you a lot” to you,Pierre and Nico, for this unique and very enriching experience”

   - Benjamin Viguier, Grenoble Ecole de Management

“The Inclusive Consulting course has not only enabled the opportunity to connect with individuals living in the township, but has afforded me the unique opportunity to see how the skills gained in the MBA have potential to reach all members of society”.

  - Molly Fonner, University of Cape Town

Our alumni network is reachable through our Linked-in group: Emerging Enterprise Consulting