Textile and craft industries are labour-intensive sectors which offer a large range of business opportunities to small entrepreneurs at the BoP. Township entrepreneurs often start by establishing a customer base in their neighborhood, and then aim to target more affluent segments in the cities to reach tourists and wealthier consumers. Their products are creative, but can easily be copied. Thus, branding has become a key factor of success in the craft industry.


Inclusive Consulting students working with such entrepreneurs will face challenges such as technical skills development, access to finance to acquire appropriate machineries, lack of a safe storage or production space and limited business resources to build a brand.


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Fast Facts

Self-employment represents 70% of informal employment in Sub-Saharan Africa (81% if South Africa is excluded).

In 2011, more that half of Africa’s 1 billion people were still living on an income below USD $1.25 per day

In 2008, 176 million adults, more that 1 in 3, are unable to read in Sub-Saharan Africa

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