Roughly 1.6 billion people around the world live in substandard housing, 1 billion of which live in urban slums. In South Africa, 1.86 million families, roughly 13% of the population, live in an informal dwelling (known as shacks) in the townships or rural areas. Most informal settlements are lacking in basic services such as: access to clean water and sanitation, access to energy, refuse removal and other services.

Since 1994, however, South Africa has built 2.7 million social housing units aimed at people living in poverty, providing formal housing to more than 13 million people. In addition, the number of households with access to electricity doubled over the past fifteen years from 4.5 million in 1994 to 9.1 million in 2008.

Inclusive Consulting students working for housing and energy entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to impact a fundamental sector of economic and social development for low-income communities.


Fast Facts

South Africa’s BoP housing spending represents $14.4 billion, 31% of the total market spend.

5.7 million South African households do not have access to flush toilets

25% of South African households are not connected to electricity

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Housing & Energy

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