The Inclusive Consulting course aims to provide MBA students with business knowledge and field experience in emerging markets.  Through a consulting mission with a township entrepreneur in South Africa, students will gain hands-on experience and learn about the business challenges and opportunities at the base of the economic pyramid.

Our organization can cover all the logistical aspects of your experience.

A win for students. A win for township entrepreneurs.

Through this global exchange, the entrepreneurs benefit from the business knowledge of the MBA students, and the students gain a better understanding of doing business in low-income communities. The learnings gained through such an experience are immense, for students as well as for multinational companies trading or interested in trading at the BoP.

Growing inclusive businesses

The role that business can play in alleviating poverty and addressing developmental challenges through inclusive strategies is becoming increasingly clear. Including low-income communities and formalizing informal markets requires a deeper understanding of dynamics at the “Base of the Pyramid” (BoP). In a global market of 4 billion people, the business leaders of tomorrow in the private, as well as the public sector, will be challenged to build innovative approaches to integrate low income communities into core business operations.

Inclusive Consulting

“We cannot escape the fundamental question: Whom and what is business for? The answer once seemed clear, but no longer. The terms of business have changed.”

Charles Handy

What’s a Business For? Harvard Business Review

“Not only can corporate and social needs be integrated, but the success of the developing world in improving its prosperity is of fundamental strategic importance to almost every company.”

Professor Michael Porter

A business guide to development actors: introducing company managers to the development community

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