Everyone needs an expression, an outlet to share their culture, opinions and feelings. In the townships, entertainment often comes in the form of special events, such as weddings and ceremonies. Beauty salons and hairdressers are ubiquitous throughout the townships. More recently, other services such as music schools and gyms have started appearing in order to engage the community through creative and proactive means.


With an interesting look into South African township culture, Inclusive Consulting students consulting in the entertainment and personal care industry see firsthand the importance of these services in low-income communities.


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Fast Facts

In 2010, there were 670,000 children between the ages of 7 and 18 not attending an educational institution. Their most common reason given, at 31%, is a lack of money for school fees.

21 million adults (60% of the adult population) live in households earning less than R5000 per month (approx. USD $620)

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