South Africa has the African continent’s strongest and most modern economy, yet 75% of the population lives at the base of the pyramid (BOP) with annual incomes below $ 3,000 per capita measured in local purchasing power. In aggregate, however, this market is substantial: the BoP in South Africa is valued at $ 44 billion – one third of the entire South African market.


Partnering with BoP entrepreneurs

In the Inclusive Consulting mission, students will be immersed in the business environment of South African townships. The value in the curriculum rests in providing direct exposure to emerging market dynamics with local entrepreneurs working in a variety of sectors such as food, housing & energy, textile & crafts, transportation, ICT, personal care and entertainment, services.


"We owe it to all the people of the sub-continent to ensure that they see in us, not merely good leaders waxing lyrical about development, but as the front commanders in the blast furnaces of labour, productive investments and visible change."

Nelson Mandela

Discover more about specific sectors at the base of the pyramid in South Africa

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